I’m a California-based brand researcher, project manager, and music marketer. I support healthcare organizations in transforming and elevating their brands at Uncommon Bold; I wear a few different hats outside of healthcare branding, too.

My passion lies within the music industry, with an interest in exploring the realm of undiscovered talent. I’m unashamedly a huge music nerd with an eclectic record collection and an extensive digital archive of underground artists (ask me about it).

During my time studying marketing and music management at the University of the Pacific, I began combining my love for music and my ability to tell creative stories to help artists more effectively share their music with the world. I now work with small artists to help translate analytics into meaningful insights that inform their brand marketing strategies.

Through my work developing brand content, coordinating social media, conducting industry research, and fundraising, I have learned a ton about bridging the gap between creative expression and quantitative data.

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Brands I’ve worked with: